Cyber Emergency Response

Cyber Incident Response helps resolves all aspects and impacts of cyber breaches or services includes thorough technical investigation, containment, and recovery.

Our Cyber Emergency Response services provide remote and on-site investigation to reduce the impact of an incident to your organization. NetSentries follows generally accepted forensic procedures to collect, preserve, and analyse evidence in accordance with your objectives. This includes a variety of techniques such as log analysis, network and systems forensics, advanced malware analysis, and security intelligence to determine the root cause, timeline, and extent of the incident.

Following the conclusion of response activities, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive report of the response investigation with recommendations and proposals to avoid any future incidents from observed on-site issues and behaviours, including executive and board-level summaries of our findings.

Comprehensive Cyber Forensic Analysis Framework

This framework guides our forensic analysis and ensures the incident response process includes data from multiple sources, including in-house systems, open source research and various threat intelligence feeds.

Host Forensics

Our incident response team uses executables, files and libraries to identify unauthorized services and processes running on endpoints.

Malware Analysis

We conduct basic and advanced static and dynamic analysis to develop techniques for blocking malware, which improves organizations’ resilience against further intrusions.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our IR team conducts extensive research into cybercriminals’ attack infrastructure, tools and techniques, and monitors cyber threat intelligence feeds from a range of sources including the government and industry ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Centers).

Network Analysis

Packet and log data analysis helps us identify suspicious communications that traditional, signature-based cybersecurity systems miss


   Get rapid access to incident response experts when you suspect a data breach or cyber-attack. We quickly investigate and assess the scope and nature of the incident, and deploy our IR team on containment and remediation activities.
   Limit the scope of a cyber-attack and prevent attackers from achieving their objectives with prompt, decisive IR services.
   Leverage our proven processes and specialized technologies to accelerate incident response, forensic investigation and remediation.
   Preserve forensic evidence for investigations, law enforcement and prosecution.
   Work with a trusted incident response team that’s repeatedly demonstrated its capabilities in the most demanding business environments.

Triaging and Eradication

Immediately after requesting help from NetSentries Cyber Emergency Response team, a team of Senior Incident Response professionals will work with your internal team to collect all context and indicators to complete a thorough pre-assessment.

Possible sources of data are identified and steps to acquire volatile and non-volatile data, verify the integrity of the data and ensuring chain of custody is initiated. The CER team will verify the characteristics of the incident and determine the best approach to identify, preserve and collect evidence and then proceed to containment activities to prevent further damage and business impact. The next step is actual removal and restoration of affected systems.

Meet Compliance

Regulatory and industry regulations applicable for industrial and energy sectors require organizations to have a thorough understanding of their risks and then be able to implement policies and technology to rectify any deficiencies. NetSentries solutions are created with compliance in mind, and directly can map back to all of your requirements, no matter how prescriptive they are.

Incident Analysis Recovery and RCA

The goal of this phase is to bring affected systems back into the production environment carefully, and to ensure that it will not lead another incident. Compromised systems are tested and verified to be clean and fully functional.

Efforts are then initiated to Identify the Root cause of the incident and document the findings to prevent recurrence.

Reporting and Remediation

In this phase, any documentation that was not done during the incident analysis, as well as any additional documentation that may be beneficial in future incidents are generated. The learning from the incident is used to improve the security posture of the organization and reference materials are provided for handling similar events. Areas that require improvement are identified and remediation advisory is provided to mitigate gaps.

Following the conclusion of response activities, the Customer is provided with a comprehensive report of the Emergency Response investigation with recommendations and proposals to avoid any future incidents, from observed on-site issues and behaviours, including executive summaries of findings.

Other Complimenting Services

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Infrastructure and Web Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.
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